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Dynamic Positioning Tech Sdn Bhd's expertise covers the entire spectrum of DP from the conceptual stages, commissioning, operations, mob, demob, training, consultancy and management; in either contractual or project based scenarios.

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Consultancy to Clients on the many aspects of DP on a Project basis.

Get advice from those who know the subject really well.

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Dynamic Positioning

Get to know DP better.

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Upgrading and Modifications

Which for what, where, why and how. The sales representatives and purchasers have a lot to say, but how am I to choose the bust for my vessels. - Tell us the details and we will advise you.

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Ship Owners, this is your page.

Below are just the frequently come acrossed situations that you encounter from time to time.

What does the charterer mean by 'your vessel is not to class' and how and what am I to do?

DP Tech : It is imperative that the vessel is in her Class notation. Every effort must be made to ascertain what is the issue that is keeping her out of Class. A professional analysis must be done to know exactly what is wrong and from there create a punchlist to close out the shortcomings


My vessel is classed as a DP vessel, but my Charterer says it is not working well as a DP vessel and is not satisfied. I don't know what to do.

DP Tech : Well, there is a Charterer requirement standard and a Class standard. It is much more important that the Ship Owner maintains the vessel DP in the Charterer Requirement standard. DPTech can bridge this gap effectively


Everyone claims that their products are the best and the purchasing dept sees pricing as the bottomline. I want the best by knowing my purchase would be robust, performing and reliable. Who can advise me?

DP Tech : Every ship is unique and careful analysis on what the DP operational scope is, needs to be well thought of and considered. We have had many cases where an investment has been made and the package is not performing because many technical aspects have not been considered. DPTech can consult you in the right direction



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