Our core values

Dynamic Positioning Tech Sdn Bhd's expertise covers the entire spectrum of DP from the conceptual stages, commissioning, operations, mob, demob, training, consultancy and management; in either contractual or project based scenarios.

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Consultancy to Clients on the many aspects of DP on a Project basis.

Get advice from those who know the subject really well.

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Dynamic Positioning

Get to know DP better.

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Upgrading and Modifications

Which for what, where, why and how. The sales representatives and purchasers have a lot to say, but how am I to choose the bust for my vessels. - Tell us the details and we will advise you.

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Dynamic Positioning Tech Sdn Bhd is also the Authorised Sales and Service Representative for Guidance Navigation, the Manufacturer for the following Laser and Microwave, Dynamic Positioning Reference Sensors

Exclusive Representation In Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Brunei. Click on the logo below.

Authorised Sales and Service Representative in Malaysia for Marine Technologies products